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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ez Wireless Camera Usb Broken

2 days ago i received my ez robot, and today my Wireless Camera usb isnt working. It worked with my computer until today. Can i order a replacement or do i have to reorder a new Camera?


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United Kingdom
You can order the camera by itself in the store.

Why is it broken? Maybe we can help you fix it.

Have you followed the camera diagnostics?
@kingboomie, yes try what rich said. Most likely it just ran the battery down . be sure to charge it a couple hours. Long press The.power button for 9 seconds to turn it off , long press for 2 to 3 seconds when turning it on. Be sure to have the USB receiver in a USB 2.0 port and already plugged in before turning it on.
The camera works fine it and it turns on, but the usb dongle doesnt work. i plug it in and nothing happens ive tried it on other computers and it still didnt work:(
(Sorry for late reply, my email was acting up and i could not retrieve my password)
United Kingdom
What do you mean the dongle doesn't work?
Does it install the Windows Wireless Camera device?
Does Windows detect a new device at all?
no windows does not detect the device at all
United Kingdom
Are there any unknown devices in your device manager? It may be that Windows is unable to find the driver for the camera or unable to start the hardware or a few other reasons.

Open device manager with the dongle not plugged in.
Plug in the dongle
Windows should detect the device and update the device manager
Are any unknown devices added?

If so, check it doesn't have an error about it being unable to start (a common error). If that's fine, try updating the driver, windows should find the driver automatically.
No unknown devices, windows doesn't detect it at all. What do you suggest i do? Can i order a new usb dongle seperately, instead of having to buy a new camera
They come as a pair so just order a camera and it will come with another USB dongle. The good news is you would have a spare camera if one goes out on you in the future;)
United Kingdom
Josh (jstarne1) is right. For some unknown reason the dongle is not being detected at all. It could be many things but most probably a hardware fault on the dongle itself. It's odd since you had said it was working, usually this is a sign of physical damage from plugging it in and unplugging it on the dongle or the USB port. If it isn't working in other PCs it's likely to be the dongle.

You will need a new camera and dongle. As far as I know the dongle isn't available as a spare.
Thank you for your help, im going to order a new one.
Hey Kingboomie,

Do you have a PS3 Wireless controller added at the moment or anything else added for Bluetooth? Sometimes if there are conflicts it may not find the dongle.

Try removing all USB devices from the PC ,go to the Device Manager in Control Panel, Uninstall all drivers for Bluetooth items.
Reconnect the dongle and it should start to reload automatically or ask for drivers.

Hope this helps:)