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Ez Scripts And Microphone Records

I'm a newcomer in EZB. I recorded some messages using microphone control, and transfered them to soundboardV4. Clicking "play" there i get the messages spoken by ezb. But whatever script can I use to have them spoken in my actions ? I found only text-to-speech (i.e. sayezb("...") statements. Nothing for recorded messages. Can someone help ?


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To play a file in the Soundboard V4 you would use the ControlCommand script statement.

Example, to play track 0:

ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_0)


Sorry. It doesn't work. EZB doesn't speak this way. It speaks only if I click play in the soundboard v4 action panel


Did you rename your Soundboard V4 control?

To be sure the command is correct, right click in the script window, and from the menu that pops up, select your Soundboard V4, then select the ControlCommand() to play the track you want to play.



ok, it works. thanks. It's hard to work without detailed instructions for ARC. No tutorial seems to explain this control command


Please use the learn section to complete activities that teach you how to use the ezrobot platform. The tutorial regarding this question can be found here:

Also, every control has a ? Next to the x (close) button.


OK, guys.Now it's ok. But I put two ControlCommand s like these : 1 controlcommand("soundboardv4",track_0) 2 controlcommand("soundboardv4",track_1) in a script associated to an action, in an Auto Position control . Only the first one is executed. I don't understand why.


Try placing a Sleep command between the two sound commands. You need to pause the script till the first command completes or the second one wont play.


Or use a waitforchange() for the audio status variable between the two control commands.

It's a good idea to visit the learn section for tutorials that demonstrate how to begin programming. The learn section is full of tutorials and activities that introduce programming.

Commands execute in microsecond/millisecond time... So both of those commands run sooooooo quickly that there is no time to let one run.

The link I sent in my previous post explains the ControlCommand() syntax usage.


OK. I wish to thank you three guys, but I'm obliged by the system to say the only one who solved the problem. I thank Dave , who was the first to make me remember that in EZB you need to have sleep statements everywhere. My previos programming environment (basic or assembler with PIC MCUs) was quite different.