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Ez Robot - Project Showcase Structure Change Request

There has been some issues brought up lately. The problem is that sometimes when someone other then the OP of the Project Showcase up loads an image or Video that image takes the place of the OP's Showcase Displayed image. This is the one that displays as a thumbnail next to the thread in the forum.

One of the solutions bouncing around is stop the ability of anyone to add pictures or videos to a project showcase other then the OP.

I just hate to see exchanges of ideas shut down. If the biggest complaint is what image is showing as the Showcase thumbnail then I think there is a simple solution (Hopefully as I don't know what would need to be changed in the coding of this forum). I think a good solution would be to have an option in the Showcase settings area for the OP of a Project Showcase to be able to chose one pic or video thumbnail as a Showcase Display. This would give us the power to show off the best or latest example of our robot and not limit creative interaction.

I've often wanted to change the picture that shows on my one and only project showcase and cant seem to figure out how to do it. I also don't want to or think I should have to hack around to do this.

Others also seem to want to protect the showcase as imminent domain of the OP where no other creative ideas can be posted. Limiting ideas, images and videos to just the OP would seriously reduce any interaction of ideas and understanding of processes. Anyone really following the thread or even reading the posters comments made along with the inserted image can easily understand what is happening and cause no confusion. Also locking out any interaction with the community in a project showcase or the limitation of the free exchange of ideas would be a true mistake in my opinion.

The only issues that could effect any project showcase would be the thumbnail next to the thread in the forum changing or an abusive poster. Abusive posters have happened in the past the admin has removed them from the forum. The OP having problems with other community members in a community setting offering suggestions or comments seems to me to be a bit self centered.

Again, just my opinion. However I think the request is valid and needed for this community forum. ;)

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Ah Ha! Thanks for that piece of info! Had no idea. I've blocked his emails and google plus, they broke the mold with him, said he built exo suits for DARPA, in the end i gathered he just a fan boy, wanting to be Tony Stark and built exo suits, quite sad actually. No reality in his world.
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Just to add to the discussion.

I personally would like to have the choice on what pictures are shown just on the first page showcase carousel as has been mentioned already, where I would like to only have pictures of my project shown there. As for the rest of the showcase thread, then I welcome pictures or diagrams from other members as they could be useful or entertaing which I would hate to miss, and that is what we are all about... sharing.

I like the changing of the thread thumbnail idea too, as any videos added to the thread take priority to any pictures currently displayed.

On a side note, another thing I would like to have the option to change on my threads, is the thread title (not just showcase threads). There are times where I would like to change the title slightly, a couple of examples of this would be to correct any spelling mistakes that may be missed before posting, or changing a word in the title such as "Issue" where the forum automatically changes this word to "Question". The only way to do this is to ask the guys at the office but it doesn't always happen, which I understand as they are a busy bunch working on more important stuff.
I have to echo what @Steve wrote so well just above. I think that would be an excellent way to structure Project showcases concerning this issue.

I like Steve's last statement and it's one I've posted and asked for in the past only to be ignored. I've wanted to change the title on my Project Showcase for a long time now. Some how "First Look" in the title after a few years isn't quite right anymore. Being able to "repair" a thread title would be great. I've embarrassed my self a few times with bad wording or spelling mistakes. I hate when I post something that makes me sound like a caveman.:P However I do see one problem with being able to change thread titles. If they are being changed it would be hard to follow and find it.

In the end I'll be OK with what ever happens (if anything). I respect you guys and your opinions and ideas. If it ends up the way the people that want to close the Showcase to only the OP's pics then so be it. I'll be cool with that even though it wouldn't be my personal choice. ;)
Here's an idea! How about a one time title change allowance for all threads?
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Thanks Dave.

The thought I had about the title change question, I mean issue:P, is a small change where the main keywords would still be the same so should still be easy to find, and anyone subscribed to a members threads would still be updated (as long as the have the email option checked), and the threads can still be found in the members profile. Or as Techno said, maybe a one time change to the title. But like you say, whatever changes happen, if any, I'd respect that and be happy to go with the flow.:)
Well something has changed already. I checked a couple of Project Showcases I posted awhile ago, yesterday, and some videos and pictures that others had put in the thread and show up on the headliner, are gone today. Hmmmmm!
Ya, I'm all for the open forum concept that allows everyone to comment and post images on a thread, however, I think that, especially for Project Showcase topics, only those images posted by the creator of the PS should show up in the headliner.