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Ez Robot Math

Hello Again,

Has anyone figured out a way to do simple math with ARC? We have servo position and camera coordinates. We are trying to couple them to derive driving and firing solutions, while scanning the camera. We used to do all of that with a Cortex. It seems pretty simple. Maybe we need to go with a different processor. Any thoughts are appreciated, keep up the good work!


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$x = 5 + 3


$x = $x - 7


If you're requirements are super complicated than using the ez-sdk would be best for you:)


anytime! And thank you:)

Remember to use (brackets) to specify order of operation also


Is there a way to display the result on the screen or the overlay?



Yes, both. Either use the Print() command in EZ-Script. Or create an overlay to display the variable.

Keep in mind, you may not need to do much math (if at all) when using the Track By Relative Position option in the Camera Control. You can use EZ-Script to switch between servo Tracking modes.:)


Thanks again, why do the SAY commands not wok within a script?


They work in mine with the 10-15-2012 version of the software. Say("Hell world") Perhaps your speaker volume is turned off?


Thanks, I may have lost the drivers for my sound card. I will try to reinstall. It is always something