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Ez Robot Developer Kit

I have the developer kit.
I put the 6 AA batteries into the pack, connected the wires to the barrel jack, plugged it into the Ev4 and nothing. No light no sound. Batteries are brand new. I double checked the connectors in the plug and they are tight.

Any ideas why this would not work?

Also, I see in the documentation that it is recommended to have the 7,.4 v lipo pack. Why is that not included? I have made two orders from Canada and no one has recommended that. Now I have to make a third order for a $10 battery and pay and additional $10 in shipping? Come on guys.....


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I'm looking at this kit because I want the kids to "invent" more. I'm taking more of a STEAM approach to the curriculum. There are lots of robots out there Dash/Dot, VEX, Lego. But I think the potential for this kit has more "craft and inventive" appeal which also appeals more to girls.

I love the boxbot. Please give that some consideration and include the steps all the way to driving it with an ipad or phone. Let the children give their bots their own personality. Ipads and chrome books are what schools have invested in.

Thanks so much,
Hi I have a new question but the form w ont let me start a new field from my phone so posting here. Hopefully someone will see ir. I'm away from my computer .
I connected ev4 to network and to the builder software. Connected 360 servos to d12 and d13. Added the same in project details but the servos do not respond in the continuous motion control. I've tripped checked connections.
Does anyone have any ideas what else it could be? One thing I noticed is the option to control multiple servos is not in my version of builder. Its in the 90 degree control but not in continous motion controller.

I would like to build the boxbot. Buts it's example files are no longer in Builder either.
Hi @kd208,

If you click on the small gear icon on the upper left of the "Continuous servo movement panel" have you selected port D12 and D13 for your Left and Right servos?
@kd208, BoxBot example are in the latest ARC still, they are still under Examples and Legacy Robots.

I will say one thing that is different in the Legacy example is that both the Connect and the Camera are by default NOT set to find my wifi EZB4 but instead Connect is set to try to use my serial port and Camera is set to try to use to my USB camera. - The reason is BoxBot was a Legacy robot when the EZBv3 (and Bluetooth connection) was the standard.

So if you did not manually switch those from the default in the example you will want.
@kd208 what type of AA batteries are you using? Alkaline or rechargeable?
Thanks. Thank goes back to the beginning if thus thread. Why aren't they included then in the kit? I have now place two orders in the last three weeks to Canada and now this will be the third. What I've paid in shipping I could have bought other accessories. Not cool! Not to mention a waste if my time. I was trying to get thus simple box bot to work for our school fundraiser which was today for Robotics!
The aa batteries will drive the 360 servos without an issue. Please disregard the above post.

There is a question mark (?) next to the close (x) button on every control. Add the continuous rotation Movement Panel and press the question mark to view the configuration page. Here's the manual page for it: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=12

The learn section is an excellent place to get started. We receive praise from those who use it, and follow it. You'll enjoy it as well:)

Also, the developer kit is still easier than any other diy product, and way easier than arduino, etc... but you to maintain versatility, it does require a bit of reading how things work. Try the question marks and watching the tutorial videos etc..

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your complete custom robot :). Keep rock'n it!
@DJ you might as well delete my post as my intent to help isn't welcome... I still stand by my comment... Alkaline batteries (AAs) are better suited for other electronics that don't required much current... Anyway. I am done helping here....
I can confirm that Alkaline AA batteries will drive the 360 servos, it is a higher voltage than we recommend and they may drain faster than rechargeable AA batteries would but they will work.


Does anyone have any ideas what else it could be? One thing I noticed is the option to control multiple servos is not in my version of builder. Its in the 90 degree control but not in continous motion controller.

Hi kd208, can you go into more depth on what you mean by this? Maybe a screenshot. If you are using the "Continuous servo Movement Panel" control there is definitely an option for 2 servos. Here's a screenshot:

User-inserted image
Ok thanks everyone.
Assuming AA will work, I've set up the ports on ezb correctly and in the project detail as well as the settings for the servos, is there any other place I've missed or should check?

I've been watching the videos and tutorials. Been up till 3 am every night this week working on this. :)
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Anything wrong in this set up?
Yes, you haven't setup your Left and Right ports!

User-inserted image
Thank you! I thought I had done that in the project details!
No prob! Yeah I can see that the initial wording in the control's summary window can be a bit confusing. The key word is "descriptions". The Project details are no more than descriptions rather than real port assignments.
Yah! As Jeremie said, the project details are for reference. This is because every control has unique settings. The camera control has its own servos. The continuous rotation Movement Panel has its own servos. Everything has its own servo settings. This is because your robot may use different servos per feature. Each feature has a configuration.

NA means Not Available, as in "you hadn't selected anything". It's an acronym that you will see often in technology, specially with options such as this.

But! Since each control has its own configuration, as described in the learn section regarding servos, the Project Details was created. The project details feature allows you to define what servos you use on what ports for reference.

There is a blue question mark in the project details that explains more.

3 am? Man I truly respect your passion! Sometimes though, it helps to step away for a day or two and let the brain process what it just learned. There's a lot of info to learn in a short period. It's dizzying! But absolutely fun and rewarding:)

Here's a good read on what a control is, and how they each have a configure button: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/21