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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ez Mobile

i downloaded the ez mobile and it chows up.
do i dont have camera & sound recording.
is this because i dont have a robot yet?
User-inserted image


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United Kingdom
What do you expect to show where the camera image is going to go? With no camera it cannot get an image from anywhere;)

So yes, it is because you have no robot connected, or more precisely because you have no camera connected to the EZ-B which you are connecting to (that is if you are connecting to an EZ-B)
i have the old version camara from ez
United Kingdom
OK, and where is the dongle for the camera connected? Bearing in mind that the mobile version doesn't connect to the PC.

The original camera which come with the EZ-B V3 developer kits connects to the PC via the wireless dongle. If that dongle is in the PC running ARC then it will display in ARC (Desktop). If it's in the PC it will not display on the mobile version since the mobile phone or tablet cannot access the camera.
United Kingdom
The part you plug in to the PC so the camera works with the PC.

It looks a little similar to this

User-inserted image

Note, this isn't the exact one, I was too lazy to find the right one but you know what I mean I hope.
ah i have that and works on pc
United Kingdom
Yes, it will work on the PC because it is connected to the PC. It isn't connected to the mobile/tablet. Can you see why the video does not display on the mobile/tablet yet?
Jeez Rich... You're going to be able to send your kids to college helping Patrick....:P
no i get error for the camera.i didn pair the phone yet to the pc,maybe that has got some to do whit,i dont know.

is the pic ubove correct whit the two pages on?one ARC and one camera.

problably yes RR
United Kingdom
OK, I guess trying to make you work for it isn't working.

The PC and the mobile/tablet are not connected at all. The dongle connected to the PC may as well be connected to my PC, your mobile/tablet cannot access it and therefore it cannot send the data from the camera to the phone/tablet.
ah then its the phone connection.

thank you
Patrick... What Rich is saying is that the camera is connected to your PC only... The video can't be shared with your Tablet.... It has nothing to do with the phone connection....
so the video only works when robot is connected?
ok the camera doesn work at all.
just the buttons in the mobile version works.

thank you

well i told you am not the fastest mous .sorry
United Kingdom
I don't know how to explain it any clearer.

The camera is local to the PC, in other words only the PC can see the camera.

If the camera is not available to the phone the ARC app cannot see the camera. If the ARC app cannot see the camera it is unable to display what the camera sees.
yes i understand now.

thank you rich.