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Ez Controller Circuit

Hi @DJ,

I'm having fun making EZ-Robots... But I was wondering if we can get a circuit diagram of EZ-Board?


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I have the pdf file on microcontroller but its very easy to find look under the bluetooth module for the part # and do a search for it.
Yeah, it's a PIC 18LF4685 microcontroller... I found the datasheet for it... Thank you...
@Herr ball there is a fuse inside the chip that protects the chip first from getting info on the chip using a programmer and second protects the chip so you cant write to it.

Does that explain it better
@robotmaker....yes that does explain it better! You should have said that to begin with! Anyways thanks for the reply......and ....I reasearched a bit more and answered my own question ......"In addition to their Power-up and Oscillator Start-up
Timers provided for Resets, PIC18F2682/2685/4682/
4685 devices have a Watchdog Timer, which is either
permanently enabled via the Configuration bits or
software controlled (if configured as disabled). "

WARNING: accessing the circuitry is NOT advised for the feint of heart nor ment for this Forum IMO:)
What are the functions of pin 6, 13 and 14 in the PIC18LF4685 used in the EZ-Controller?
Are you trying to replicate the EZ-B?
Oh no! *eek*

I am not that talented to replicate... I don't even understand half of the technical terms used in these forums... I am just trying to understand things better and improve my technical skills...

I am from a typical Indian middle class family... So I don't get an opportunity to learn things... I am not even good at communicating with others... So,If I am wrong in asking that question, I am sorry... Please forgive me guys... *tired*
@pranav as for the pins and what they do I don't know myself. But if there is something you read and don't really understand just ask. Everyone is here to learn share and help each other. with the internet at your finger tips you can lean about anything in the world, thats whats so cool about it..
Thanks for your support... I will really improve upon myself with help from you all...
Here is a snapshot of the PIC taken from a datasheet available on the internet.

User-inserted image
Yeah.. I have got this pic...I just wanted to know in what modes are the pins 6, 13 and 14 are used in EZ-B... I was thinking about it because we have 8 analog pins, 20 digital pins, 2 VDD pins, 2 VSS pins, one MCLR, SCL, SDA, TX, RX, PGD, PGC... So 39 pins in total, I was wondering about the remaining one pin.. Moreover I was confused with the pins 6, 13 and 14 in which mode they were used...
You figured out that much, the last one pin is easy:) you'll get it! Keep trying
Yeah... Thanks for your encouragement @DJ... I'll try to figure it out...
Pin 13 and 14 are both for the crystal oscillator. This makes sure the EZ-B works at the correct operating frequency.

I'm leaving pin 6 to you:D
The only pin i cant see listed on that photo is a ground :S
but it has been many many years sints ive looked at any chips at all lol
Pin 6 ain't Ground... I still couldn't figure it out... @DJ help please...
No one actually said that pin 6 was ground. The discussion was where was the gnd pin identified.

Pin 6 is probably used as T0ckl, now you find out what that is.
I still couldn't figure it out guys... Please help me...