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Ez Chronos 430-433 Or Ez Chronos 430-868 ?


whits one do you use?my pc became unstable and reboots itself. texas instru doesn support the 430-433 version no more


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I use this one:

I'm unaware of any other versions. If the computer reboots with the chronos running, I would imagine it is a bug with their driver. I can add that the chronos which I used was also unstable. My PC would not reboot, but it would crash after some time of use.


hi dj

the pc reboots but not when the chronos is running.but it started to do thatt, after installing the has a warning for this. its the chronos whit number 430-433 430-868 430-915 cc 430 430-915 MHZ DEV KIT

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Doesn't windows give you any indication of why it crashed and rebooted? Usually it'll dump the info in a file so that you know what's happened.

By reboot, what does it do? Blue screen then reboot? Just power off? Just totally reset back to the bios?

What PC is it? What brand? Motherboard? etc.

It's common for people to think just one item is causing problems but the reality of it is that it's a collection of smaller problems and the latest one was just enough to cause you problems.



blue screen and boots back .i looked for the page back but cant find it.


dj i have desame one

thank you