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Ez Chat Room

Hello im just looking around the site and i cant seem to find the link to the chat room has it been moved, removed, or is it getting reworked and will be coming back soon my bot snowtracks is in there now and i cant find the link to get in and play and play with him lol


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And at this site have an online chat? :)


it did dont know if it still does hope it will be back up soon

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It's been removed, or at least I don't know where the link to it is.

Hardly surprising though since it was barely used, at most there were 3 people who would pop in per day and log off within minutes without talking. Besides, it makes more sense for any and all questions to be posted in the forums since this is searchable and a live instruction manual and support system.


There is a chat Envolve, paid, but comfortable. I have it on your site using, but I also do not sit there more than 3-10 people per day. Chat appears on every page in the corner.


i just remembered the link to it and it still works


Im hoping ppl will start to use it more and would love to see more bots in there I do alot of scripting in Mirc or i used to will be again as it can do alot I will be scripting it for an AI engine so my bot can do alot more than imaganable lol


I didn't even know we had a chat room. Let's promoted that way more and more people can use it.

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It's best to keep any support related questions etc. on the forums so everyone can see and new customers can easily search and find answers. The community, and the products rely on this forum being a live user guide.:)


chat rooms are just a bonus for us to chat and get to know one another with live contact . chat is great but yes all ?'s should be on the forum we can use both and in time i can see the bots using the chat room aswell:P lol im working on scripts for that "now" but its taking some time as im finding it tuff to get ARC and Mirc to work together as one its not that its hard to do just my mind works kinda slow with all the ideas i have floating around in there getting in the way of what im trying to work on at the time plus i have not scripted in some time "years really" and i have forgotten way to much lol As i get some scripts working i will post them for any and all that want to play with them lets not let this chat die it really is a great thing to have on here