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Ez Bits (Specifically Servos) For The Hexapod

I am going to attempt to use one of my v3 ez-board to control this hexapod.
I have just about finished the print.
Now I need to put servos in in the ez bits
what servos do I need to get to fit?


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All of our raw parts, like servos and other hardware will be available pretty soon. Other than manufacturing, we needed to obtain inventory and arrange distribution logistics all over again - because we've been offline for so long

Lots and lots of awesomeness is happening and it'll all unfold to you all very soon! It exciting... And exhausting:)
i will place another order soon.this is the first time i have that feeling like.finally i found something i can do whit robots.
this is what people looking for.something that you can understand whithout being a programmer first class.
thank you dj for your work.
That is really nice to say:) thank you very much. Myself and the team like hearing that. It helps us with the long office hours:)
i will typ it again if you want haha.
but serious i mean this.ez robots and xl robots is the best there is.:D