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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Extra Motions In Auto Positioner

When I create a frame in auto positioner, sometimes it goes haywire and moves uncontrollably. I have tried starting over a few times with new profiles to no avail. All the servos have been fine tuned, and can happen in any frame. Any ideas why?
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This is what happens as I go from frame to frame in auto positioner. I use a fresh lipo and the servos are on a separate power supply at 5v. Any help is appreciated.

howmany volts are these servo's ?

you can try with one movement excample head turn left or right,
and set the delay higher some75
also i dont see the calibration pose.arms side ways
The voltage at the servos is 5v but the ezb gets a 2s battery. I can move each servo in a frame without glitching but when I move from frame to frame I get wild movements.
two batts ? did you try with one batt ?
I have a single battery 2s and a bec to the servos supply 5v. It can supply 8a to the 12 servos. It should not be a power problem as all the servos are moving and not a lack of power.
maybe too much power.also when connecting the robot to ARC,
does it have an init ?
7.2v 1000mah battery and a 5v is below the 6v used for most servos. I am only moving frame to frame. No animations yet. When I do an animation sequence, it goes insane. As for individual frames, it is random.
do you have init when connecting the robot ?
all servo set to normal 90 degree,so when he connect he chould stand with his ,
arms side ways.if you dont have a init page ,the robot has no starting point.
Setup an init script when starting but get additional movements when moving from frames. All is set to 90 degrees and a speed of 3.
can you set the speed to 5 ?
Yeah that's not speed or ez-b related. It's surely power - but i have to say, it's hilarious! He would make a good dancer if there was music:)

Are the servos getting their power from a regulator or direct from a battery?

I'm not certain how those little servos react with more or less power. So it's hard to say if it's too much power, or not enough power. Also, I suspect the two batteries are sharing a common ground?

Lastly, you can connect a 5v to the EZ-B as well and only use one battery instead of two. Simply disable the battery monitor in your project. The settings to disable it are in the Connection Control. Depending on your version of the ez-b, there may also be a "disable battery monitor" setting in the web server. That option merely disables the battery monitor on boot-up, but you will still need to disable it in the project.


It just occurred to me that the "spaz" might be due to servo positioning. Those servos may have a different servo band limit than normal - which is quite common with hobby servos. Perhaps the positions that the servos are moving into is causing them to spaz between pulse widths.

Although, i'm putting my bet on power related.
A single battery, one connection to the ezb and the other through a 5v bec 8a to the motors. the only reason I connected the ezb to the higher voltage was when connecting it would sometimes say battery low and got a bit annoying even when I turned off the battery monitor.
- Do you have a 5 volt battery to use?

- Check the EZ-B web server to see if you have the "Disable BAttery Monitor" option and it will stop saying "my battery is low" when it powers up. You will still need to disable the monitor in ARC

I'm leaning toward the 5v bec 8a overheating or causing some problems. 8amps is very much for servos - they can draw up to 15-20 amps (depending on the model and weight). This is why high discharge batteries are important with robotics. The ez-robot batteries are 25c
On your advice I changed out the bec to a 6v 15a one I had on hand. Seems the extra movements have stopped. Will try again tomorrow to see if the changes hold. Thanks DJ.
When do we get to see it in action:)