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External Power

Hello everyone, how are you?

I know there are several topics around relating to modifying the EZ-Board for use with an external power supply. I just need to check to confirm that I understand correctly before I start modifying the board.

As I understand it, the ports D0 - D14 power is originally supplied by the board, coming from the lead between ports D19 and D0 as shown in the picture below..right?
User-inserted image

So, I will have to cut or interupt that lead to isolate those ports from the board's power like so..
User-inserted image

Then I will simply need to reastablish power by connecting the leads of the external power supply to the last 2 pins next to port D14, as indicated by the red arrow, correct?
User-inserted image

Do I understand all this right?


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Kristian, you got it all except cutting the power lead. Look on the bottom side of the board where the EXT PWD label is. The trace between those two pins is to be cut. Not the trace that you had marked.:)
Goodmorning DJ. Thank you, I'm glad I checked lol. For the sake of illustration and clarity I will add a picture showing the correct way to cutting the power lead.

User-inserted image

I could not find a picture showing the bottom side of the board, I hope this representation will do the trick.

Thanks again, I can get back to work.:)
Dude, that's an awesome drawing! Yup, that's the trick!

Thanks for the illustrations btw, i'm going to use them in a how-to for others:D ... Full credit to you of course!
Thanks haha you are very welcome! Go right ahead, if you ever need any other illustrations or graphics I'll be more than happy to help. This was a rather fast one for the purpose of getting a clear picture. But I'm good with graphics and if you ever need anything, I have loads of time. :P
After building new 4 DOF arms for my robot Captain Ann Droid, I have exceded my requirements to power the arms directly off of the EZB3. You can follow my plan, Captain Ann Droid thread, on how I was planning to build an external power source using servo extensions and a voltage reg. (8-40 volt to 5 volt) and tying the grounds together.
I then found this old thread showing how to modify the EZB3 for external power. This would save all the servo ext wires modifications.
My question is there any disadvantage to using the above modification, vs. the servo ext. build?
Has any one performed this modification and how did it work?
Thanks in advance.
Steve S
The only disadvantage will be that ALL 20 ports will be subject to the modification.
Thanks for the response. That is a good question, does the mod only affect the ports D0-D14, as Okidey thought, or does it affect the 5 ports also on the small side of EZB3?
My eyes cannot follow the traces. It would be nice if not all ports were affected.
Steve S
I think this Will cut the power flow only on d0 to D14...
If I use this trick, the heat will decrease on the board? Mine get very very hot in less than 10 minutes...
How is all of this handled in the EZBv4?
Thanks! I've gone thru this again. It looks like I'd simply feed the EZBv4 power base with my SLA 6VDC and call it good! I'll want to hack the power switch since those are built into the back of my InMoov. Do you use the whole base and shell or just the naked board? I know the base contains a 20A fuse, and the whole business is rated for 5A continuous.
Yes.... for the ezb4's power pin (red)... voltage in = voltage out. There is no 5V reg'd power like an arduino has.... So using a 6v 12A SLA battery will feed your servos that are plugged into the ezb4 a full 6V
Thank you! Do you use the naked board? or the whole shell and case?
I usually use it in the shell... Convenient for keeping the on board speaker with the ezb. Plus it helps somewhat protect it from accidentally shorting out a digital port or whatever... However I have done a "break out" for an external speaker and power leads... Requires a bit of soldering though... There is actually "through hole" contacts on the board which are labelled if you wish to add an external speaker....
Thank you! I want to do the same. I have SLA 6VDC external power and two 5w - 8 ohm speakers in the head. I have five different soldering guns, irons and torches for everything from stained glass to plumbing, to heavy electronics to micro electronics. I've been messing with this stuff since I was knee high to a coke bottle!
A bit of reading but here a forum member did the sound breakout from the ezb4... Bear in mind you can breakout sound either pre-amped or bypassing the onboard pre-amp just in case to want a clean signal to amplify yourself...
Sound Breakout How to