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Extend Servo Shaft

Waiting for my parts i'm searching a way to extend a servo shaft.

Need this to fixed the robot arm to the servo who's intern the bot

someone a idea ??


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Pics? How long are we talking?
i found that already , but shipping to Belgium is always $$$$
easy way is to get two rount servo horns. cut a tube to lenth. epoxy the end of the tube to the servo disc/horn that your actually attaching to the servo. the opposite end you epoxy glue the second servo disc on and use as normal. ALSO most rc guys just use pushrods with a clevis on the end. thats the standard way but you at most get 90 degres of movement in either direction with a pushrod.
I used some hot glue and legos to extend the servo for the head....here is a pic. Works pretty good for a LOW cost solution....

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