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Exponential Notation E

I am saving a number in to a variable and when I retrieve the number from the variable it is in exponential notation.
Is it possible to tell ARC NOT to do this?
The number I am storing is the conversation ID to be sent to a chatbot.


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Richard, can you post of screen shot of your variable and share your code so we can see what is going on?

You can easily reproduce the issue:



$str1="id=[" + $id + "]"

if ($str1=="id=[2147483647123456]")

User-inserted image
The only solution I have come up with is to store the word communication with the ID number.

So when I parse the response from the chatbot, instead of just getting the communication ID from the response, I grab the entire &communication=xxxxxxxxxxxxx and store that.

I am sure this will problem will haunt me again. So if anyone has an answer or work around feel free to post it.

Thank you ptp for the clarification.



What chatbot service requires this?

I believe is botlibre post:

I had that issue in the past, while composing an url with numeric values e.g. session's Id.

There are workarounds like storing letters/symbols in the string to force ARC to handle the value as text.

It's a bug.

I believe is something deeper in the EZ-Script engine e.g. how values are handled.

Another example:



$str1=$id + " "

$str1=$str1 + "foo"

if ($str1=="12345 foo")

User-inserted image

Are you happy with botlibre ?
It seems much more raw than PandoraBots v1.
I use BotLibre.
If you have not heard of it check it out. It is a free service and has a lot of great features.
It supports AIML 2.0 and also has its own script language called Self.

The conversation ID for the current conversation. This must not be passed on the first message, but will be returned by the response, and should be used for all subsequent messages in the conversation.
In my opinion, I think it is currently the best one out there. And once you learn the self scripting language the possibilities are endless. On that note its one draw back is its lack of good documentation on the self language. Making it at least for me hard to grasp.

Please forgive me as I'm not a programmer but the reason, as I see in the example above :

if ($str1=="12345 foo")

is not coming up with a "good" in the output is because a space is needed before foo

$str1=$str1 + " foo"

If you know this and I am not understanding what is going on, please forgive me?

you missed the step 1



#1) assign id plus a space to str1
$str1=$id + " "

#2) append to str1 the word foo
$str1=$str1 + "foo"

#3) expected str1 content: id plus a space plus foo
I understand now says the grasshopper to the master ... lol.
I do see the problem now, and glad you took the time to point it out to me.
Richard, I am familiar with Botlibre, I had replied to your old thread and tested your old code and got it work just fine and I built and tested chat bot in BotLibre. I did not like it myself as it did not fit my needs.

If you'd like to share your own specific code that you are specifically having an issue with getting to work with Botlibre I'd be happy to take a look. I don't seem to have special start conversation requirements with my Botlibre bot.

BTW, SELF as a scripting programming language is really obscure, while it's roots have been around 30 years and they say it inspired JavaScript.

If it were me I would be personally be temped to steer clear of SELF scripting if possible and stick to the AIML because that is XML and that's a lot easier to read and follow and find tutorials and videos online to learn about.

BUT if you do want to learn more about SELF BOTLibres own documents claim it uses JavaScript. So if you wanted to really learn more you could seek online learning resources on JavaScript because you should be able to find a TON and what you learn there should translate back to SELF.
Thanks for the interest.
I will post something when I get home this evening.

Ok Justin you asked for it.
This is the Get User Data Routine:


#This script gets user data from an excel spreadsheet.
#This Script assumes that $FullName equals the users
#full name, and variable $ColumnRequest equals the
#column number for the chart below.
#The data from the request column is returned thru the
#DataResults.txt file in variable $RequestedData
#Will add more columns as the needs arise.
# Column 1 = Full Name - Always look up using Users Full Name
# Column 2 = User Name - Name used when Talking to User
# Column 3 = User Number - At this time not used
# Column 4 = Conversation ID - Number generated by BotLibre when first talked to User
# and then sent to BotLibre to keep track of conversations with user.
# Column 5 = Last Seen (Date Time)
# Column 6 = Last Talked (Date Time)
# Column 7 =
#Next 2 lines are for testing
$FullName = "Richard Zimmerman"
$ColumnRequest = 4


$ReadFile = "c:\users\richard\unas\DataResults.txt"
$WriteFile = "c:\users\richard\unas\DataRequest.txt"
FileWriteLine($WriteFile, $FullName)
FileWriteLine($WriteFile, $ColumnRequest)


$RequestedData = FileReadLine($ReadFile)

The unas.bat file runs the following VBScript file.


Dim objExcel,objWorkbook,objSheet,RequestCell,MyData, cCount

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open("c:\users\Richard\Unas\Unas.xlsx")
Set objSheet = objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1)

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

InFile = "c:\users\richard\unas\DataRequest.txt"
outFile = "c:\users\richard\unas\DataResults.txt"
Set objOutFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(outFile, true)
'Set objOutFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(outFile, 2, true, 0)
Set objInFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(InFile)
strLine1 = objInFile.ReadLine
strLine2 = objInFile.ReadLine
cCount = 1
Do Until objSheet.Cells(cCount,1).Value = strLine1
cCount = cCount + 1

MyData = objSheet.Cells(cCount,clng(strLine2)).Value
'MsgBox MyData
objOutFile.Write MyData

Set objExcel = Nothing