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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Esp32 And Ultrasound Sensor

Does the esp32 support the ultrasound sound sensor?

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How did you connect the Ez robot ultrasonic distance sensor to the arduino?
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#2   — Edited
I used my own ultrasound sensors. 4 pins type.
The available esp32 firmware code does not support HC-SRC04 it requires equivalent Arduino Uno's code improvements, although the changes are easy to copy and replicate anyone familiar with Arduino IDE/code can do it BUT is only one 1/3 of the solution, the 2/3 requires upgrade synthiam web site device capabilities if not the owner forking another implementation (not practical) and the final step update the ARC code to include the new capabilities.
The process is not practical requires an ARC update.
Only DJ can help you !
#4   — Edited
Bear in mind esp32 is not 5v tolerant, and the ping sensor requires 5V to operate, you will need to convert the echo pin logic to 3.3v you will need a voltage divider or a transistor or logic level IC. 
Maybe you can get lucky and the device tolerates 5v until one day it dies or stops working it's your call.


esp32 datasheet:
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Many thnx - a lot of ideas to think about.
Use an EZ-Robot IoTiny if that's the price range you're looking at... The IoTiny at least gives you video AND audio AND all the things you're asking about:D
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#7   — Edited
There are no stockists in the uk I can find. It would have to be shipped in which for someone impatient is a frustrating wait. I am thinking of getting one of the lotiny. If there is a price drop and free shipping I would go for it also. I would prob want camera module too. Thnx for help again -
the developers kit looks nice too - that was a Santa request
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Sorted many thnx