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Asked — Edited

Error Weather Broadcast

is that cause i dont have voice recog?

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hi Vgosine

i dont have that on my pc.

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United Kingdom
If it's not installed you can't expect it to work, that's like expecting a car to work with no engine. Remove the voice recognition control.
@Rich.... Unless you're Fred Flintstone...:P:P

@Nomad... Where did you get that ezb weather project from?
its the original excample from dj
@Richard R

It is the script syntax example for RSS feed scripts.

rich i removed the speech recog.

the error says cant fetsh the rss feed,do i need to install something?
United Kingdom
The example works for me. Check your internet connection is OK, that would be the only thing that could cause the RSS feed to to be fetched.
I got it working as well... even have it set up for a rss weather feed near where I live...

can it be that my pc dont alow it?
@Nomad.... Both @Alan and @Rich asked you a question.... They can't help you if you don't answer their questions...
ah that will it the error

rich internet in ARC?

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United Kingdom
The answer to your problem is stated quite clearly in the debug across the bottom and in the script dialogue. You have an error in the syntax on line 1.

Since the example works fine for me and for Richard R I can only assume you have changed something within the script and done so without paying attention to the syntax of the command.

If you are unable to figure out what you have done post your project, without it I am unable to see the contents of your script and unable to advise you on the error other than what the debug already says.

I have no idea why you have posted the connection established script dialogue screen, it is of no relevance.
rich i forgot how to do that.copie to clipboard?