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Engineering Area Live 2-1-2014

I see the cameras are working for me again. I also see the printers are working in the Engineering Area. I wonder what they're printing? Any one have any inside info?


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United Kingdom
We are printing a variety of parts. Including a 22hr print that has most of JD's plastic parts.

User-inserted image
I just finished printing all of JDs parts, took around 55 hours in total at 100 microns on a makerbot rep2
Cory Blair,

Could you go over the settings (infill,temp,etc.) with me. When I print these, they come out very weak and flimbsy.

I have two default settings that I typically will use.

#1. For Medium Resolution Prints

Infill 10%
Shells 2
Layer Height 0.2 mm
Temp 230c
Extruding Speed 90mm/s
Travel Speed 150mm/s

#2. For High Resolution Prints

Infill 15%
Shells 2
Layer Height 0.1 mm
Temp 230c
Extruding Speed 90mm/s
Travel Speed 150mm/s
Be sure to use rafts and supports also
The g-code that we generate will only be useful for people with Makerbot Replicator 2's. There are 100's of different printers and each one will be a little different. For example, build plate size, heated build plate, nozzle diameter, material, multiple extruders, etc. STL files allow's us to release a universal file that is compatible with nearly all CAD and slicer software. Allowing anyone with any software and printer to modify and print our parts.

We also list the printer setup that we find to work best. Even with all the different printers available this should get you close leaving only small adjustments.

User-inserted image
Worked well for me on my Makerbot rep2.
@cory- Thanks for posting those stats. I've been resarching 3d printing quite a bit lately so all the nerd info I can get from users I trust really helps me out in my crusade.

@XL-Robots- I don't have a 3d printer yet but I've been playing with slic3r and one of the ez-bits, one of the standard servo brackets, and I had to put it into netfab to fix it. Like I said, I haven't tested it yet but it's been fun messing with the different infill types and other settings. A lot of my research suggests cleaning an STL in netfab before bringing it into your printer software and slicer.

I'm just waiting for the numbers in my bank account to rise and I'll be ordering my Solidoodle 2. I've looked high and low at all types of printers. I'm not confident enough to build one just yet so as far as bang for buck goes Solidoodle is the big winner. It's amazing that other printers in its "class" (ie print bed size and heating seem to be the biggest factors) the soildoodle prints a little bigger than MOST at 125 cubic mm and costs 100-1500 dollars less. That's a lot of coin for what seems to be mostly cosmetic features.

Also, could you recommend a good 3d printing forum? I feel kind of bad having these 3d printer discussions on EZ-Robots site*, even though, printing EZ-Bits is the major reason I'm buying one. As a matter of fact, they are why I finally learned my way around 3d design at all. (You, alright! I learned it by watching you!) I wanted to mock up my robot bodies to use in ARC's design feature. I just doubt I'll order $250 worth of EZ-Bits at once and I HAAATE paying international shipping.

Once I get the hang of it I'm gonna farm out my services. Not to the extent that you and Josh are, just printing and minor design I could have made a little scratch today from my GFs work. They just spent $85 for a cheap plastic piece that I could have made for next to nothing. I'll have to see it. She's gonna bring me the old one once the new on comes in and I'm gonna start trying to re-create it.


*Maybe we're getting to the point where EZ co can justify starting a 3d printer section like we have hardware, software, ect.. ?;) Thanks again.