Upgrade to ARC Pro

With ARC Pro, your robot is not just a machine; it's your creative partner in the journey of technological exploration.


Probably not, but if you Contact Us we'll be more than happy to put together a 10 pack for you with a similar pricing structure to the Extension Blocks and Cubes.


@Alan... LOL whew! Finally... @Nomad can rest now that he is getting his Part #8:P or maybe that's just the rotation servo horn part.... either way...

... Better send him 20, I think he is building an army of JD's... Either that he's re-creating a mini version of the Village People....:P


thanks i will contact you alan


hehe i have almost all parts i need.i allreddy have the other endparts from choulder.i use them to get excact messurements. here an excample the hight, off the waist case.all tree servo's will be mounted on the lid off the case.

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