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Emotions In ARC

i know it will need your chat software when you finish it very very big item hopping to get sometime soon like it will show sadness when you dont chat with it very much or say there is a dragon in the house he will be afraid,and so much much more then have to control servos on robot head ,hopping to do it with the other software it hard because they using a animated face CSLU and need much much programming in C SHARP to control servos, and the animated face uses a lot of CPU speed so EZB might be my only board that can work i think it showing emotions make the robot more real so hopping very soon to see you new CHAT software


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Create a variable called "$emotion" and have a script that runs to control an AutoPositioner to put the robot face into different positions. The autopositioner control will transition between face positions for you.

In your speech scripts and such, create a $emotion = $emotion +1 or $emotion = $emotion - 1

ARC was designed with EZ-Script as the control language so you can create anything yourself:). With more experience as programmer in robotics, you will eventually be able to create scripts and use the AutoPosition to do more than simple face emotions.


how does the emotions work, meen like using chat software if you dont speak to him in while he be sad,i think there are over 10 emotions maybe more ,like love,happy afraid and to many to list part of it needs a chat software,part of it need face saved as a image in a data base like when i a person see another friend he is happy so does EZB have a image data base and also another for objects other wise not real emotions,also image base is very welll needed because you save many faces and when he see's you he will say hi FRED or hi DJ ,I you dont like the other softwaRE to much ,but it does have that and hopping very very much to see it in EZB


@Robotmaker I would suggest using "Exec" to pull a jpg file of an emotional face, smile frown etc, then use a "TASKKILL" as command "bat" file to remove it and then and add another face at least to your laptop/pc screen. Or for that matter a motion file and ....oh wow your giving more ideas! Thanks Robotmaker and....DJ..Find a way to add a small screen for your bot thru ARC and viola..emotions...thats kinda what I am thinking of for FRED! ...I hope that gives you an idea! ......Combined with DJ's AutoPositioner of course:)


i dont know if it will work hopping DJ has a better answer with having a data base that holds image file can do alot ,not just recognizing faces but matching a certain object with whats in the data base,like having a red ball,and say what is this robot will look it up for a match and say it looks like a red ball can have hundreds of photos in a data base a data base also helps in navigation another emotion very cool is laughing,and sometimes you want the emotions at random too


Make your own, someone already asked how. You don't need to bother DJ with stuff like that when its already done on the site.


not good in programming ,only electrical engineer and it not really emotions he has

True emotions are based on feelings,and you need like a chat (AI) SOFTWARE for some. Some you need a face to get emotions like happy and sad if he doesnt see you in while As soon as his new chat sofware comes out it will help with some emotions. if someday soon he adds a data base for faces ,would be very good like he see you and finds a match and say hi FRED OR hi DJ based on a image stored in a data base then using his emotion set command can set sad lonely or happy LOVE so far cant be done,only programming i know and use is LISPWORKS a AI SOFTWARE there is a few types of LISP software and the best for AI design robots,internet can tell you about it a doctor was the one who made the AI SOFTWARE using LISPWORKS with emoitons based on a lot of stuff Now i know adding that software cant be done,but i think in C SHARP it can be done.

I know DJ is very busy guy who works 7 days a week ,not asking for it now just looking at giving him the idea for the future ,mostly adding a data base.

Also good for room maps and navigation ,objects and a lot more.