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Emic Text To Speech

I just got the Emic text to speech and I was trying to use the command SendSerial to communicate with it but with not luck. Can somebody help to figure this out?


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I'm having issues with sendserial myself.

I can only send short phrases to my LCD, then it get's all garbly and
then the EZ-B resets and I have to re-connect.

Spent hours trying to figure out what I was going wrong.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I'm shining my DJ spotlight into the sky
@orwnic82 - I Like the #C interface you built! Thank you for the idea but unfortunately it's something with the EZ software. I cannot basically send more than one word at a time and in testing both of my EZ-B's will crash, sometimes where I have to even power them down because it seems like they get stuck in a loop or just lockup. I also program other MCU'S, both PIC and Parallax Propeller, using either the EMIC2 works great with them.

Using a Parallax serial LCD, same problem, more than one word and the EZ-B locks up.
Here is a shot in the dark:P It almost sounds like issue with the SPACE character code... try just punctuation with no space, like a comma perhaps?
Gunner - LOL! I spent like 6 hours trying different combinations, that was one of them, I can use one word like "hello" but "hello world" locks up the EZ-B, even "helloworld" or "hello,world", I started thinking it was the length of words, but there's no pattern with that, something with the sendserial strings in EZ-Builder.

Even the LCD like I mentioned before has the same issue, i'm sure it's a simple bug that DJ will have a fix for in notime, but for now I had to resort to another MCU for the time being...
Possibly just hates multiple syllables so I guess "supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus" probably won't work either:P
LOL that could be it, i'm suprised I missed it though last week with the LCD module...