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Elastic Band Shooter On Six-Can It Be Used In Roboscratch?

Our 4th, 5th & 6th grade High Ability Leaner (HAL) kids have downloaded and played with the elastic band shooter App on our Six. They have set up an obstacle course and would like to shoot a target as part of the course but we can only see how to make it shoot from the main screen. The servos aren't recognized in RoboScratch when they go to add a servo movement to the servos on the elastic band turret (we use Ipads). Suggestions? Why can't we control these servos from RoboScratch or better yet, how can we?

On the subject of RoboScratch and Ipads (I know, not the preferred operating system as we are finding out)- when we save a project on RoboScratch it saves the servo action but not the angles of the servos. Each time they go to run their RoboScratch program they have to re-program the servo angles. Can anyone help us out? They have several community presentations coming up and it would be great if we could get these issues worked out quickly.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi! Update the Six Turret app on your tablet/mobile device. Connect to the internet and push the UPDATE INSTALLED APPS button. The latest app has what you request.

It also includes RoboScratch features for turning left, right, forward and FIRE!

The servo tab allows moving the turret

The RoboScratch element FIRE! will fire!

Saving servo angles is a known bug. It will unfortunately not be fixed before your presentation. It will be in the July update.


Perfect! Thanks! Will look forward to the servo angle fix when we start back up again in the fall.


Fixed in latest release of iPad app today:) Christmas came early! We had another bug to fix so we released this earlier than planned.

Enjoy :)

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