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El Wire

Can I hook up EL Wire directly to the EZ-B or do I need to use the inverter provided with the EL Wire and just power it from the EZ-B?


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You wont be able to directly power the EL wire as they operate at a much higher voltage. I dont know if it is a high current draw item. If so, its recommended you dont power it on same batteries so as to prevent brown-outs of the board.
The EL Wire I have has an inverter and is powered via usb from a laptop. I thought I would just cut the usb cable and hook up a connector to add it to a DO port on the EZ-B. Will this not work (ie. brown out the board)?
That would depend on the current draw of the inverter. Im going to hand this one to anyone how might know for sure because Im just guessing. The only thing I know for sure is that you will need the inverter.
Use a inverter powered by a seperate batt, have ezb trip a relay to provide power to your balast for the el wire. Imo i recommend led strips or just single leds close together , super low current draw , low heat,, ive always hated when el wire goes bad because usually its glued into place and the whole piece has to be pulled off for replacement.
Hi, I don't know what else you have connected to your EZ-B but it will run the USB powered El Wire easily....just like you mentioned , cut the usb plug off and connect it to the EZ-B , the usb from your computer or laptop only outputs about 2.5ma if your lucky, that's peanut power.
Here is a product you could use if you wanted to control up to 8 segments of wire on one inverter. It also can be powered by your USB.