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Editor For Http Server (Custom)?

@DJ Sures (or anyone else who has a good suggestion)

I am trying to create a custom web page, and none of the free WYSIWYG HTML editors I tried will properly render the AJAX buttons. I don't mind paying something (although not a lot) for an editor that will work if there isn't a free one, but I don't want to buy without KNOWING that it will work.

Did you use a visual editor for creating the sample page, or did you just write the code by hand? Can you recommend an editor that will work? (I am looking to re-arrange the camera above the movement panel, and add a bunch of script buttons in a particular layout. would prefer to be able to create the buttons and then use a visual editor to drag them to the positions I want).



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Try searching on the Telerik HTML Editor. I just tried searching on html editors that support ajax buttons and found this editor. Hope this helps... Rick :):)


Telerik = $999. I think I'll pass. I'll try the latest Visual Studio and see how it works, and if not I'll do a mix of free tools and hand editing (I could use a free tool to do the layout, then add the code behind the layout manually).



I've used an older tool made by microsoft, which worked fairly good. Cant remember what the name is now.

Now I just use template websites and scratch build the pages from code and a browser.

If you get into the code, you can use tables to position the buttons, or use css "Position:" to position them.


I used to use Microsoft Frontpage, but it has been EOL for some time, so I am sure it doesn't support AXAJ even if I still had a copy.

I'll update to the latest Visual Studio when I get home and if it doesn't do what I need I'll go back to hand editing.



Well, Visual Studio 2015 didn't do any better than any of the free editors, so I will just do my layout in one of the tools and then add the code manually.

@Rick, Might get it done tonight. Sorry it is taking a while. I'll see if I also get the error you are seeing once I start adding new script objects to the page.