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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

EZ Robot's Newest HDD Servo

I have a question about running the EZ HDD servos heavy duty, The specs say 7.4 volts to 8.4 maximum volts operating range. So if I am running the EZB4 the output servo voltage will always be same as input battery voltage. Now I have 2 type of Big Amp current battery a 7.4 Lipo 5000 Ma 50c burst charge( running great 5 years no problems) but I also have a Venom 8.4v Nimh 3000 Ma battery good for 3 amp hours. will this 8.4 volts have negative impact on my HDD servos if I use as extra battery? It is not Lipo just Nimh......Reason I ask is waiting for big Lipo to recharge can take 1 hour. The ARC software reports 9 volts on the 8.4 battery fully charged, can this damage a servo?

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#1   — Edited
I would let the experts answer this. You should go to EZ Robot and use their online chat feature to ask (when they are available). 

If you feed more voltage into the servo then it's electronic components are rated for then you will damage them. My guess is that they used components in that HDD servo that could handle an extra half volt if your 8.4v battery starts out at 9v after charging.

When the servo starts up and then is working the voltage will drop a little anyway. Then there is a little voltage drop that will naturally happen between the battery and the servo depending on the power source, length of the run and size of the conductor. However if you feed too much voltage to a device that is underrated for the feeding voltage it will burn up the electronics when energized or soon after.

You may not want to relay on the acute accuracy of that reported voltage in ARC. Use a good and trusted digital multimeter and physically test the battery then compare the two readings. Then you have to decide which reading to trust. LOL. 

When I come across a unknown like this I always ask myself; "If go a head and push the limits then burn it or break it, can I afford to replace and how hard will it be?"
GREAT info Dave, I was watching the ARC battery monitor in real time while servos were going on and off with the 8.4 battery. It did indeed drop under 9 volts close to 8.7 or 8.6 so I was happy it stayed there! Thanks DJ,saw the specs,think I am good. Happy New Years to you both!