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EZ Script Clearvariable Does Not Clear Variable

I have an EZ Script that changes a variable several times. That works well. Then at the end of the script want to clear that variable from ARC's memory . That does not work. I'm using the new Smart Variable watcher and the variable does not disappear after the script ends. Here is the command and variable I'm using: 


Here is the Smart Variable Watcher a while after the script ends. 
User-inserted image

Any ideas? Thanks!

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#1   — Edited
OK, I finally figured this out. I reread the manual for the Smart Variable Watcher again (for about the 3rd time this week. lol). Somehow the below statement for the "Refresh" button never registered in my head. Uhg! 

5) Manually refreshes the variable list and data. This may be necessary if a variable has been deleted by using a ClearVariable command. If your code clears a variable and you're wanting the variable to no longer display in the list, press the Refresh button.

Seems the Smart Variable Watcher may not dynamically clear the variable from the list. 

This is resolved. Please also disregard the Premium Support  request I sent in.
Ah that was just added today - that's why. I just noticed that as well:)
Lol. You guys are Always making things better! Thanks