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EZ Robot JD Servo/Control Problem


Unfortunately, I have a strange problem with my EZ Robot JD.... my right arm Servos are having a strange behaviour!

I try to explain:

When i do the servo calibration, and start with the right Hand, when i go from 0 to -100, it opens the hand normally as it should. When i go from 0 to +100, it moves the second servo for the ellbow for 90 degrees! When i go on to the ellbow servo, thats connected to the hand, and go from 0 to -100, it again opens the hand! When i go from 0 to +100, it again moves the ellbow to 90 degrees! On both situations, it goes -90 Degress (pointing to the back of JD).

Initially, i thought that there might be something wrong with the servo connection cables, but everything seems to be fine there. I also rebuild JD, and re-did the servo calibration, tried different devices (my PC, 2 of my laptops, my iPad Air, its always the same..)

So there must be something wrong, but i cannot figure out what:)

Please, do you have any idea, what could possible be wrong? This is my second controller board, because the first one just stopped working suddenly, so i needed a new one (the reseller supplied this for free, thx!)

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Maybe i can send you a video, if you need to see what i do, and what JD does? 


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Unfortunately, we don't offer support for EZ-Robot products at Synthiam. You would have to contact EZ-Robot directly.

It sounds to me like the EZ-B v4 may have two pins that are shorted together if two servos are being controlled by one digital port. Otherwise, you could have "relative servo" turned on in the ARC software in which case you can have two servos controlled by one digital port with the software.