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Resolved Resolved by Nomad 6R!

EZ-Robot HDD Servo Horn Screw Size

I hope I'm forgiven for using the forum to ask this question. I'm hoping for a quick answer. 

Up till now I've used all Hi Tech servos. I've started to use the new(er) EZ-Robot's HDD servos and their Micro HDD servos. Unfortunately and frustratingly they don't come with horn screws.:( Could some kind sole please tell me what size the horn screws are on each? Thanks!!

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hi dave 

if you bouth them on ez robots .you can send them a mail for the bags with horns and screws .
they send you thsese .
here'are the links to the brackets too.

Dylan Beesley (EZ-Robot)

Jan 27, 2021, 4:56 PM MST

Hi Patrick,

You can purchase the HDD brackets separately, but we just don't list them actively on the site.

These are the brackets that we can sell separately, they cost $2.49 each, and if you would like to purchase them I just have to send you an invoice manually. Just let me know the quantities you would like and the shipping address!



Thanks Patrick, I was hoping to pick them up local and not have to wait week(s) on a shipment from EZ-Robot. My project is at a stand still till I get these stupid little things.
you can do bolt .pick them up and ask the bags too. can you take a servo with you when you go to the store ?
and find the screws that way? i know waiting s****K .
Actually I really like the Power and torque of the HDD servos, I have about 15 of them now all on different robots, They do not break easy and keep running strong but yes that is a problem when you buy them from anywhere like Robotshop canada, They send only the servo with no way to secure it on your gear or project,no screws either which are really hard to find, I tried with my jar of extra screws all shapes and sizes,did not find even one. Long story short, Had a great interview on the web with Dennis from EZ Robot last Tuesday and I did mention what I was going through with that servo but also praised it as the strongest long lasting servo ever. LOL! I mentioned that may be ask Jeremie to build one with a square shaft to make it grab plastic gears better. He probably was thinking I'm nuts,but did say in future they may make that servo sold with better user friendly attachments for do it yourself robot builders like me. Ha ha great interview but will see in future.
#7   — Edited
I went to the hardware store with a EZ-Robot' HDD servo. I didn't have a Micro HDD along. 

I found that the HDD servo takes a M3-50 x 8 screw. 

I got home and the M3-.50 fits the Micro HDD servo but it's bit too long for the Micro HDD. Don't know what the needed length is needed for the micro but it will not be hard to find out. Most likely the next shortest available. 

Thanks for the help.