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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

EZ-Bulider "Error Loading Plugin" Issue

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I just downloaded New version of EZ-builder. Some plugin can not work! Anyone can help to repair this problems?
Thanks a lot!

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Looks like the author of the plugin needs to up the program to work with ARC. Or, do what the error message asks you to do. 
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Holly cow! ARC is old and slow? It was cutting edge just a few weeks ago. Now ARC is the Boom I guess.
#4   — Edited
haha - yessssssss THE BOOM! ARC is has a ton of gui and scripting enhancements that makes it a ton faster. Mostly, it's reliability is dramatically increased. Look at this error log graph for comparison:)

222 is current month error count (March).
33,504 February's error count.
98,270 January's error count
172,925 December's error count
.... etc
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ARC is fixing all:D
So, will ARC load alot faster too? Currently, my last version of Builder takes longer to load than windows itself takes. If things can load within seconds Id be happy. waiting several seconds for programs to load is just tooo long for me.
Wow, Your ARC loads slower then Windows? That doesn't sound right. My latest version of ARC loads in 15 seconds. That's a lot faster then my Windows 10 loads. 

Now, I do notice that ARC (and ARC) takes forever to shut down. However the latest version of ARC I just installed seems to shut down faster then before.
I was reading about servos and fell asleep,had this strange dream that my Robot started working with just ARC software and no hardware at all,just these new servos on the robot that could communicate directly with ARC software! No EZB controller,No arduino, just the ARC software coming off my cell phone,was sending some really fast 10G wifi directly into servos.It was amazing...then I woke up,LOL!
HAHA ! I except the challenge. Will see if ARC passes my test :-) Im using a Fusion5 Tablet with Win10. I sped it  up by getting rid of all the login and turned off Cortona. With the current build of ARC (the very last one) I can even open the program without needing a network connected first (thank you DJ for that fix). But it still takes several seconds more to load. Im still testing various parts of HEMI (my robot)  so not too critical for boot up speed as of yet. But will need it fast when HEMI goes into full use , I hope soon (the next gen of home healthcare robots...I hope:)
Hong Kong
Hi All,

Is it the ARC not ready for "Advanced Speech Recognition"?
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ARC works great with the advanced speech recognition. Check your key and settings as the message reads
Hong Kong
Hi DJ,

I have tried to switch different regions and use the default API Key. Any mistakes I did?  
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You can only use the region registered in your azure account. Your cognitive services will present a region based on when you created the account.
Hong Kong
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Oh! I see! Thanks a lot!