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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

EZ-B V4 Wifi Availability Goes Away

Quick question I two EZ v4 units both have same issue:
They work for about ten min then d/c
My script normally will auto reconnect, however when looking for the EZB connection on list of Wifi connections available in the home it is not there anymore. The normal blue light is still on and the red is not. I have tried different power sources on both with same issue. Also note that I never had this issue before and nothing has changed.. very odd. 
Also I tried just taking all the connections off the EZB ( tried this with both units ) and just turned it on with nothing else ( no scripts/not connected to PC or EZ robot..etc) just the unit on solo.... At first is showed EZB as a possible connection on list of wifi options ( I looked on my PC as well as two different iPhones to see if maybe it was just the PC) then after about ten min I could no longer find it on list ( lights never changed from baseline) 
Thoughts ?

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Thanks DJ:) 
I figured it was something x-files like lol! I thought I would just give it a try to see if it has ever come up. I will report back if I ever figure out what's going on:)
Do you have a lot of metal or shielding surrounding your ezbs?
nope and testing was preformed with unit sitting solo on a table top.
Have you checked your router?

maybe going out
@EZAng That might be a good suggestion if it weren't for the fact he is using the ezb's in wp mode....
I see, thanks for the info