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E-Z Builder Interface


What happened to the interface? Using Win 7 here with multiple monitors.

Last couple of versions unable keep controls in same place after saving and reloading.

Unable to use window max/min button ... I do not like Builder's max min.

I do like the changes if that's what happened.. if not how do get back to normal and able to place and they stay controls?

Anyone else with this issue?


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Check you don't have "Auto Arrange New Control" checked when adding a new control. User-inserted image

Check you don't have "Auto arrange controls after open" checked when opening a project. User-inserted image

Window max/min button works fine for me on the latest release.



Thanks fixed the windows problem, but modules do not stay where on p[lave them after save.

Not using auto arrange.

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If neither of the auto arrange boxes are checked I can only advise to reinstall ARC. If that doesn't help then it may pay to upload your project file so we can take a look and see if it's the save that's the issue.

Does it do it on a new project too?

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Do the example projects do the same thing too?

If you are certain that both Auto Arrange boxes are unchecked and you have tried reinstalling ARC upload a project for us to check out. I can't see it being the project file but it's the only thing other than the auto arrange options which will determine where the controls are supposed to be.


Unchecking all the auto arrange boxes works for me.... My projects open the same way as I left them (saved)...