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I have bought a lot from her. Her parts are always nice.


ya but she's using some stupid Global program for international shipping.

It adds is tax, brokerage fees and such at checkout.

Ya want to go in on 3 Omnibot arms with me? I only need 1 (Claw) of the 3. Or re-ship? ;-)


What Omnibot arms do you need? Regular or the 2000 . I have some spares but they are primered grey.


I need a claw arm for a regular Omnibot. More specifically the claw is crushed and one of the arm springy plastic thingamajiggies is snapped.

This is for Omnibot #3. I just bid on Omnibot #4. It's an addiction. :D

Let me know how much you want, or if there is anything I can ship ya from up here (Snow, Maple syrup, Canadian Snow Bunny) ;-)

United Kingdom

Lumpy, by arm thingy ma jiggies do you mean the small connecting pieces that connect the upped and lower arms? I won't be using mine, you're welcome to them.



Yes that is the piece I'm talking about. We should come up with a name for them. :-)

That would be awesome if you don't need them.

I'll drop you an e-mail tonight. I'll PayPal you some $ for shipping.


United Kingdom

Yeam, my robot's elbows are powered with servos so no need for the "connecting struts"(?).

Send me your details on email later, and how many of them you need and I'll get them sent out.


I got a few things from her,she mostly has OMNIBOT parts and fair good prices


I also have connecting STUTS for regular omnibot 5402 ,i dont need too and they are free



I fail on the internet today. ;-)

What is your e-mail address?