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Dynamixel Xl-320

Is anyone here familiar with the Dynamixel XL-320 servos?

Im looking at this cute little robot and was wondering if the the ezb-V4 would run these servero.

Seems like a good way to get a little bot and some 17 Dynamixel servos at the same time. DYNAMIXEL: XL-320 x 16 DYNAMIXEL: XL-320D x 1

Mini Darwin


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Yes , the new ez V4 runs up to 50 dynamixel serial addressed servos. It's part of ez V4 expanded servo control functionality. Eventually I'm sure many of us will use these type of servos for several reasons. One being warranty , reliability and they have servos that are 12 volt tolerant which means you won't need as many voltage regulators in your project. The dynamixel are built more beefy and cases do not flex as much as standard servos. As their price has dropped they have become more popular. :) Josh S.


I was also seeing you can set them from Standard servos to Modified servo motors with software.

Thanks . I think im going to order this darwin . but not from these folks.