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Dynamixel Wheel Mode

Hi All,

I have few dynamixel AX-12A servos, was wondering if can use these servos in wheel mode using EZbv4. Thanks.


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Yes - add the plugin for dynamixel. Use the robotis dynamix configuration utility to set the servo in wheel mode (continuous rotation). And use a Continuous Rotation servo Movement Panel in ARC. The dynamixel servo will be specified as a Vx (where x is the id configured in the plugin)


Need help DJ...I have tried your instructions and it does not seem to work; FYI, I have used CM530 and roboplus manager to set wheel mode. reinstalled Dynamixel plugin in ez-bulider. used Continuous Rotation servo Movement Panel assigned Vport. LED ON and OFF works in plugin Utility. but servo does not respond.

My quadruped with 8 dynamixels (Joint mode) seems to work as expected.


The values for moving either direction need to be configured within the continuous rotation servo movement panel. The values of each servo to move forward, stop and reverse need to be specified in the configuration menu the movement panel.


Values i have used are Forward : 180 Reverse: 1 Stop: 90

I hope they are correct ??


I have no idea - that's up to the configuration of your dynamixel servos. Also, the dynamixel plugin must have the correct settings for the range as well - and the ID's associated and checked in the plugin.


Here's the instructions to configure the plugin:

Ensure the version of the servo is correct. Ensure the CHECKBOX is CHECKED for the ID's of the servos you're using. Ensure the servo Max and Min ranges are correct for the configuration of your servos.

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Hi guys...Anyone tried dynamixels in wheel mode with ezbv4 using continuous servo panel ? I am badly stuck in my project; I have been trying for many days..please help...Thanks


hi you have to look in your dynamixel wizard and set the servo for wheel.but they are not so controleble as the , the AX12-W is for wheel usage.i dont have the robotis can look on robotis for video's.


Hi...i have changed the configaration of the dynamixel AX12-A to wheel works well with cm-530 controller from bioloid..i am unable to control it with using ezbv4 !


I have tried that..dynamixel in joint mode works perfect with ezb ..dynamixel in wheel mode does not respond to continuos rotation panel...i have tried chaging min and max values..still could not get it working!

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Add the dynamixel control and configure it from here:

Add the continuous rotation servo Movement Panel from here:

If you can't get it working based on the instructions of each control... post your step by step details you have taken AND share your project.