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Dynamixel Plug In Save Question

I have an issue where when I save a layout with the Dynamixel plug in and reload it, all the settings for each virtual servo revert to default settings of 1-180 regardless of what i set up in the dynamixel plug in.

To fix it I have to open the dynamixel plugin and uncheck the servos, then enable them again then save it. After i return to the layout I have open settings for each servo and left click to get the servos to update the positions.

Anyone else confirm this?


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Can you explain with additional details? I'm not certain that i understand the issue.
Ok I've abandon my mac book pro running bootcamp Windows 7 computer and moved over to my Asus Win 10 laptop. I've had serious issues with losing the comm port every 15 min on the Mac computer. I've started a new project from scratch and the problem is gone. It was really frustrating. Bye Bye Win 7.

Thanks for following up.