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Dynamixel Control Question

I've been using a different controller and python to control my dynamixel servos. I really want to use the EZb and its software so I connected everything up to my EZb and just wanted to use the basic scripting to control the servos.

Found a couple of issues that may cause DJ some headaches when he wants to add more controls to take advantage of the capabilities of this digital servo.

Issue #1 : You set the status for table entry # 16 to 1 " No Return " . With this setting you can send instructions to the servo but you'll never get any data from them. It should be set to 2 " Read Only", this way if you send a command for a servos position, temp, torque etc, it will answer back with the data.

Issue #2: Your using table entry # 34 to control the servo speed, it should be table 32. Table #34 controls the torque limit of the servo. On your work bench it may look like your controlling the speed but add a load to it and you'll find that the servo will stop or dance the jitter bug! This setting is good if you want to experiment with joint compliance when reaching your goal position.



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DJ if you repair the issues with the UART I can write an example function using easy script that I will post for everyone to use.



Sounds like this could be why I have been having trouble getting some of the dynamixel servos in the robot to move slowly without stopping all together. That it wasn't working correctly but I am still debugging things.


It's a giant fix because it exposed an issue that I wasn't aware of with the variable manager. It is being fixed - but requires a giant rewrite of some of the ez script compiler. It'll be another week or so


Your doing a great job. There's a lot of code but it will be great when all the bugs are worked. Nice platform for hackers like myself.