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Mel, do you have a link? Otherwise we have no idea which ones you are talking about...


I don't see how you could possibly use those for navigation... They are just a big proximity warning sensors and it doesn't look like they are directional, either... High Price and power consuming especially when you consider you can do the same thing with a ping (or PIR), 5V relay and ARC...


They just looked rugged and appealing. Thank you for the answer.


Rugged and appealing? Hey, that's what the ladies say about me! (I wish). :P


Very Interesting and reasonably priced.


This kind of sensor can read 360 degrees around a robot. In cars they sense a CHANGE in doppler effect of a microwave signal ping. If your robot is still maybe you could use it as sort of a motion detector for when someone walks by.


@moviemaker - this thread should not have been marked as requiring assistance. it doesn't have anything to do with EZ-Robot. It has nothing to do with asking for help. Tsk tsk

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Hey, I don't mind DJ if you want to remove that credit from me.... I really didn't do anything but go to the eBay listing and read up on what the device was... @Moviemaker could have easily done the same thing and got his own answer...


sorry :-(

I always think in terms of robots and I always imagine that the EZB will be working with whatever I have. I have two arduinos collecting dust in the closet and about 4 or 5 Basic Stamps. I will NEVER go back to those obsolete processors.


Mel, I just read what the device can do.... you could have easily done the same thing....

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Mel, I covered microwave sensors a week back I also talked about electromagnetic sensor (very interesting sensor) and (very low cost and accurate) 4 zone ultrasonic sensor arrays (vehicle parking sensor hack) which I use for navigation/obstacle detection. Check through the last pages of this thread.



Tony, I don't know how I missed that.