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Dual Axis Compass

I have order a Dual Axis Compass for my EZ-B. Please give me a wiring plan.
Thank you very much


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Sure thing:)

Connect the SDA pin of the compass to the SDA of the i2c interface on EZ-B
Connect the SCL pin of the compass to the SCL of the i2c interface on the EZ-B
Connect the VCC pin of the compass to the +5 of the i2c interface on the EZ-B
Connect the GND pin of the compass to the GND of the i2c interface on the EZ-B

I noticed the compass i2c is a little strange for wire distance. I kept my wires very short (less than 2 inches). If u make the wires longer, you may need additional pull-up resistors.

MovieMaker had used 10k ohm pull-up resistors: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=1303&page=2

Hope that helps:)
Hello DJ Thank you very much,
do you mean with SDA and SCL (i2c) from the EZ-B the digital Ports D0-D19?
United Kingdom
From the EZB I2C port
which is the I2C Port?
see the Picture?

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Top left of that picture I believe, the markings should read SCL, SDA, 5V & GND
Yes thats good, Thank you very much!