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I think it is very unlikely as the ez-b isn't fast enough to handle all the back and forth processing it would have to do to keep the drone stable. They would have to make an entirely new board which would be costly. That being said, I have looked into it and the ez-b could be used with an off the shelf multi copter flight controller, and then command it.


ez-robot is more than capable of performing drone - specifically once you get the ez-b v4.1/2 upgrade in February;) where there is nearly 150 read commands per second over wifi. That being said, the drone market is too busy with too many players and no quality control. EZ-Robot will not make a drone, but we will support existing platforms - when one has proven quality. I've said too much!


@DJ so at 150 commands per second that would make the ezb4.5 about twice as fast as the ezb4 in relative terms?


Not the EZ-B 4.5. It's EZ-B v4.1/2

This is because the only part that has changed is the top PCB, which holds the WiFi and webserver. The number after the slash is the comm board. The first number is the bottom board. The bottom board has already gone through a revision to 4.1, about 7 months ago.

And - I should add that it's almost 20,000 command WRITES/sec and 150 command READS/sec.

However, tonight i managed to optimize the code a little - and I got 250 command READS/sec.


@DJ Is there any way (visually or otherwise) to tell the difference between the original release EZB4 and the 4.1 revision? I would like to label my boards so I can keep track of which is which... Sorry, I know it is a bit off topic...


The 4.1 will say 4.1 on the pcb - that's the easiest way to tell. It's on the bottom board, not the top.


Duh... I guess I should have looked LOL.... Thanks!

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So is there any thoughts about being able to purchase just the top board separately, ( Upgrade kit ) so we can upgrade current EZB's that already have the 4.1 revision bottom board?



Yes, the top board can be purchased separately as an upgrade.