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Drd Parts

What are the rough dimensions on the DRD parts you recently uploaded?


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20cm x 14cm i think? fits the makerbot replicator 2 bed
Actually I made a DRD kit that I can cast copies from
Josh! I was wondering about your DRD project, what stage are you at? Did you end up making a mold?
Would anyone be willing to print both parts for me and ship them for a reasonable price? I have tried making a couple of requests through the 3D printing space here but neither person has responded.
Hey Jeremie, I got the shell to a point I was happy with it but never made the mold, that’s where I’m at. I actually have it here on my side desk
Sweet Josh! I know you have lots of projects on the go, do you have plans to make a DRD mold in the near-ish future?