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Drawing Robot Arm

I found this video:

Would be fun to build one like that, does anyone have any experience on how to make one? The mechanics doesn't seem to be that hard, more the programming. I do have the programming skills, just dont know how to start:) Questions that come up:

  • How do the robot know the distance on where to draw on the paper and how long the arm should move etc? Is it calibrated to know (like servo pos 1 - 50 is X inches)?
  • How does it know which lines are already drawn and which are not, does it only use the camera to distinguish that?


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That's neat. You would really have to use the EZ-SDK for that one. But, it won't be super duper tough.

First thing you'll need to do is convert the image into a gray scale.

Then there are many filters in projects like aForget.NET which will allow image processing. You can turn any image into a set of lines. Then you'll simply need to convert the bitmap of lines into relative servo positions.

There are functions within EZ-SDK to do all of that :)


Thanks for the reply, DJ!

Yeah, I know about aForget.NET, used it before. Sounds good, now I know where to start. I dont expect the result to be perfect, but would be cool if it could draw something that looks like a person, or whatever it is :)


The challenge will be with the image noise. In order to apply the filter, your background will need to be a single color, like a white wall. Once that is done, the rest will be quite easy.

I you'd like, you could make the robot arm draw with dots instead of lines. That'll be even better. Because you can use a marker and determine the dot darness by the length of time holding the marker on the paper. :)

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Remember the old logo driven turtal bots with a pen . You cauld use one of those to do the drawing .

Updated to work with ez_b , Big pictures on the floor.



I've ordered some stuff that I need for the arm and expecting it on monday or so, updates will come! :D


Oh that'll be awesome! Can't wait to see it :D