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Roli is only 2 wheeled drive so unless you use omni type wheels (or two more motors) 4 regular rubber tires won't work... Roli was designed to use tank treads...


ah thanks RR two motors more means also Hbridge more. are there better motors to get,these makes a lot of sound,little speed.


No, you don't need another H-bridge... You just parallel the wires for 2 motors on one side and 2 motors on the other side... Just one H-bridge


you mean just the pos+ and the negati - conected from the motors on the hbridge. so i have then 4 wires each side.

will that give more speed and sound ?

thanks for helping


are there any motors to get that are much quiter ? and are the original motors with plastik gears or metal ones. has any one a good link.