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Does The Android App Handle The Heavy Lifting? Or Do You Still Need A Pc Involve

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I have not yet bought an EZb, but as soon as I can, I plan to. I'm not clear how things work if the Android app gets involved. If I program a bot and want to make use of the Android app, does the Android device do the remote processing, aka "the thinking"? Or does it only act as a "dumb" controller?

Put another way; does this PC that I compiled the code on have to be involved in a triangle with the bot (PC, bot, AND Android), or do I only need the Android device and the robot?

Part 2: If the answer is that only the Android device is required, are there any functions that are lost? For example, image processing and voice commands?



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Answer 1, no pc is needed. The android will control the robot.

Answer 2, yes, some functions are lost at the moment. Voice commands are one of those. I don't know all of the functions that will be lost, but new functions are being added to all parts of ARC all of the time.


Develop on PC a desktop or laptop.

Android most controls work. WiFi connection! Router or direct connect!

Download ARC and give it a try!

Try it you'll like it!

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The android app can control the ez-b directly. How ever, you need to make the control layout on your PC. Then you can download it on your android and play away.

Yes, some controls are lost but they could very well be added in the future.


Put another way, does the PC that I compiled the code on have to be involved in a triangle with the bot, or do I only need the Android device and the robot?

no, this pc isn't used and the android device controls the robot as stated above. you already realize that a PC is needed to "compile code". if you use the android, once the "code is compiled" and pushed to EZ-Cloud you don't need this pc and can control the robot from the android.

The android connects to the cloud and downloads the application that controls your robot. There are things in ARC that you have to do to prepare the app to run on a mobile device and that is done on a pc, but this is done prior to uploading to the cloud.


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Ok thx. If voice commands are out, then image processing is right out.

Next question.:) It's closely related, so I think it's more better (technical term!) to carry on with this thread than start a nee one.

If I wanted to get my ARC file from my PC to my Android device without using The Internet, how would I do so? Is that possible?

There are a myriad/rainbow of privacy and security oriented reasons why I might want to do so, but typing on an Android keyboard won't do the tin foil justice.

I also want to retain full control of my files, or at least know that I have that option. Especially if I want to implement specific archival or backup procedures.


Can the Android app accept a PS3 controller as input? Either via USB or via bluetooth?

Assuming that the device has been rooted and appropriate software loaded. I forget its name at the moment.

I printed an adapter to hang my phone off a PS3 controller to use for controlling robots.


you have to publish your exbuilder app to the cloud to get it to the android. There is some magic that happens on the cloud.

The cloud is secure and you have your own section of the cloud that only you can get to. There is a public section that you can publish to if you choose to.

You can make many backups of your app. it can be on the cloud or local to your network.


I have no answer for the PS3 controller question. I have never tried it so I dont know.

Another option for you would be to place a small pc internal to your robot if you have room. This would allow you to be fully self contained and not worry about the concerns with using the cloud.


Nice informative message and subject. It was well written, thank you :)

The android app loads any ARC project. It loads off the eZcloud, which requires an internet connection. Once the project is loaded, it caches it on the device.

There are dozens of updates per month to ezrobot software. The android app has limitations, but over time it will have all of the features. Currently it supports many controls and ez script. Audio and video streaming too!

Plus, you can make your own app without even touching the keyboard.


@dj sures thanks for the update for android.

works fine on my nexus 7 2013

also works better on my samsung galaxy tab s 8.4


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