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Does Anyone Of The Lucky Ones Want To Sell A V4

I do not want to wait until July for a v4, does anyone want to sell one, when they get it? I have a v3 and money.


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Scalping anyone ?:D Waiting is difficult for sure


I'm considered one of the lucky ones and I'm not sure I'll get one before July. I haven't heard anything from the mother ship sense they "again" promised pre-orders to ship within a week. However to be fare it's only been 8 days sense that promise. Seems like longer then that.

Most here in wait are as anxious as you are Purple. Most here have been waiting for almost 3/4 of a year. I doubt you'll find anyone willing to give up their spot just because you don't want to wait. Give us a better excuse and maybe we'll bite. Got a sick or disappointed kid or are you about to die soon? ;) Those are about the only things that may move someone other then money. I "may" consider selling you mine when it arrives but at 3x face value. :D

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£7million and it's yours;)

As Dave said, it's unlikely someone will give up theirs after waiting this long. There have been some cases of people offering to swap places in the queue however I wouldn't expect many, if any, more to be as generous. As much as I like to help I certainly wouldn't be giving up my spot if I was one of the lucky ones.


3x @Dave ...careful Dave! someone might say sold!:D ....reminds me of the movie "Indecent Proposal" with Robert Redford but the item was not an EZ-B ..:(


If you reread my post I did say I "may" consider selling. I was very careful to leave myself an out. ;)

That movie creeped me out. sick


I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. :)