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Does Anyone Have A Ez V3 For Sale?

I am in need of a EZB- V3 controller.Needed it as cheap as possible.Can do payment thru Paypal....You can email me at if you have one for sale.


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I have three I'm willing to sell. Haven't really thought about putting a value on them though. Don't know what to ask.

What does the forum members think these are worth now?


Maybe 30 to 40 , considering all the upgrades you get now for a new 99 dollar board and power base kit.


I have one, but it would cost too much to ship to the US... and you did mention cheap:).....I think they are going to be a paper weight soon... In the newest release of the mobile versions of ARC the ezb3 is no longer supported... Who knows when the PC version of ARC will follow....


Thanks Richard. Please don't spread needless panic. eyeroll

Current and old versions of ARC now support v3. Lots of people dont ues ez moble. When that day comes when v3 is no longer supported I'm sure the latest version will be available that supports v3. Either from ez robot or from other owners.


@Dave..... shhhhhuush.... I am trying to get Rob to buy the ezb4:P He knows he wants to... he just needs a little push....:D

Not sure that would cause a panic Dave.... Now fire, that would cause a panic I am sure....:P


I understand and I'm sure ez robot thanks you for it. ;)

However everyone may not need or want to pay for a Farrair when all they want and need is a Cadillac.:)

I'm not in a hurry to sell the war horse V3 because I still think I would have a good use for it but am willing if someone needs one.

When I say panic know people really worry when they hear their products are not going to work anymore for what they bought them for. eek


I got one from one from EZ robot community member.Thank you for all the responses.