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Do I Need A Motor Controller For A 6V Motor With The Ez-B V4?

Hi all,

I've order two 6V micro motor's for a track chassis I've got. I want to connect them to the EZ-B v4. How would I go about wiring them up? Would I need 3 wires when the motor only has two (+/-)? I am still very new to this.

30 RPM DC 6V 2.5KG Micro Gear Box Speed Reducing Motor Amazon Link to the motors (let me know if I am breaking any rules).

Link: 6V Micro Motor


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Hello @Nixvii,

I think if you use the links from the A.I. Support for the "HBridge" and "4 Wire HBridge PWM" you will start to learn what you need to know.

The motors as you said have 2 wires. If you apply voltage to them (in this case 6 volts because they are 6 volts motors) - apply voltage one way the motors spin forward - apply voltage the opposite way and the motors go in reverse. That part seems simply, right?

So how do you control that with an EZ-B? Any robot builder would use an "Hbridge" which is a "motor controller" to act as an interface between the motor and the controller - which the EZ-B. The "HBridge" or "motor controller" will have a connection port for the motor (or motors because some can control more than 1 motor), a port of the motor power, often a separate port to power the board (because it needs it's own power source) and a port (or ports) for communication with a controller (the EZ-B).

What you really want is something you can send "PWM" signals to so you can control your motors like a servo. EZ-Robot has such a product here. It is the same controller the robot "Roli" uses to control the motorized tracks.


i use the motors&gearbox from meccanoid.they are 6 volt. works perfect.


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Thanks ptp, Justin and Nomad. I think I've still got quite a bit to learn. I appreciate the help and advice. I think I'll just get the EZ-B servo's running for now and then work on the motor's.