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Do Api Keys Carry With A Publicly Shared Project?

Does anyone know if API keys (such as those for the Bing Speech Recognition and API.AI plugins) carry over to the project if saved publicly on the EZ-Cloud?

I want to publish an example of using the API.AI plugin which uses the Bing Speech plugin but I don't know if my keys will be stored on the cloud for people to see and use instead of getting their own. I have a concern about this because I currently pay for the use of my keys for these two services. Knowing this will help me decide how I publish this example.



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ASFAIK there is no way to flag a plugin Storage Key (PluginV1.Storage.Key) as sensitive.

Unless DJ added an exception to ARC to handle every plugin's Storage key named API_KEY.

I would remove/replace your keys.


Yea, this is what I believed to be the case. Started working on something else while I decide how I want to proceed with this one. There are lots of pieces.


It's saved with the project