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Dj On Daily Planet

It took me some time to find a link to the Daily Planet show that @DJ is on
Here it is for all that wish to see it
DJ starts at about 31 minutes in

DJ on the Daily Planet


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The video linked too appears to be only 11 minutes long?
Its over 45 minutes long if your only getting 11 then its not working right for you
@Wolfie thanks for the video link! Unfortunately it's not available for viewing Downunder:( I get an error message "Sorry, the video you have selected is not available for viewing outside of Canada"
@Wolfie: try Google and type 'free Canadian proxy servers'

one of the results might look like this:

Free Proxy Servers

copy paste the link of Discovery in the address bar of the proxy server of your choice and off you go.
Mind you, it's a little try and error, free proxy's don't always perform as they promise.

Have a nice day.
I am in canada and seen it allready:) it was cool

The funny thing is for a long time i was never able to watch stuff on that site .... allways got a msg that it was not avalible for my location lol like i said im in canada and so is the site lol

I forgot that the site limmets who can access from where

If i had my old computer with the tv tuner built in i would rip a video clip for you all

I am still working on it

There is one way i can do it but its rather lame lol

Dam i just used the word lame lol im to old for that lol

Ok ok i will try a cam rip but the quality will suck
But at the same time i can have some "fun" hehehe

Look for the post about cam rip later
@Wolfie thanks for ripping and posting that video. The quality is OK!
Interesting viewing! Can't wait till some robot does my laundry.
Would love a haircut like DJ's....maybe 50 years ago but not now, there's not much to cut!
Yes I do need a "better" camera
When it comes to having a Robot do your laundry that is something that you can have working a lot faster than you think if your not afraid of "breaking" a washer and dryer lol

As for hair every month I get a #1 buzz cut to hide the BIG bald spot lmao