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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Disgard Incoming Buffer (This Should Never Happen)

I am trying to use my ps3 controller to control my robot. I can get the joystick#1 to move forward/backward and left/right. But when I try to add some buttons everything goes nuts. This what I have set up.
Robot dragon..
Joystick#1 up/down controls head up/down.
Joystick#1 left/right controls head left/right

Then I wanted two buttons to control left and right wings.
I tried the L1 and L2 buttons and then I tried the Square and Circle buttons. They both worked seperatly, but then when I try to move the head and press the buttons all the servos start acting crazy and I get the error message 'Disgard incoming buffer (This should never happen)' and then I lose connection with the EZ board. Any help?


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Have you tried upgrading? That error message is from a very old version. Usually when that message appears it is due to a loss of power. Or, it is from radio interference with the EZ-B. Those are the only two reasons for that message.

I would suggest upgrading to the most recent ARC first.
Thanks man!,
While downloading the newer version, I did some reading through the boards and was wondering if it was a power problem.
I have only had the EZB for a few months and figured I had the updated version of the software. I downloaded a slightly newer one. The same thing happens but this time instead of the previous error message I got a report saying something along the lines of the EZB needs more power. I really don't want to have to keep replacing 6 AA's every day, Can you or someone else suggest a power pack?. I am not very electrically minded and do not want to burn out the board. I will be doing a search as I am sure this has been answered before, but in case I can't find it I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what voltage the board runs off. I am sure I have a power supply somewhere that will work. Thanks.
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The EZ-B can run on anything from 5v to 17v, most common voltages are 6v, 7.4v and 12v.
Ooops, didn't see this post, but I added a bit of info to @familyman's other post
I use a 7.2v 2800mah battery....tons of power

also just noticed the new EZB used a Deans power connector.....that's awesome.
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And there's a LiPo battery in the store too:)
@ Familyman - Awesome , looks like you got some great answers. Do you mind marking this thread as answered? This way we can clean out some of the unanswered threads. Thanks in advance! - Josh
sorry man, I totally forgot to do that. Doing it now.