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Digital Vs Analog Servos


Can i plug in an analog servo into one of the digital ports?

I ask because there are way more digital ports than analog ports.

I know an analog ir sensor and a ping sensor are for the analog ports only, right?

I want to buy analog servos cuz they are way cheaper, but there are only 9 analog ports.




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Analog servos will move with digital signal but aren't accurate. Digital are far more precise.


Use digital servos because the control position much better and usually faster/ more responsive than non digital. Ofcourse they cost more. It's personal preference based on your application


You can't select analog ports when configuring a servo in ARC >.> So that leaves the digital ports to connect the servo's to.


@budel0 That is untrue. You can either use a digital or analog servo connected to a digital port.

The difference between an analog servo and a digital servo is not the connection method. The difference is the electrical internals.

An analog servo uses the pulses to "tweak" the servo position each time it receives a pulse. There are 40 pulses per second. Which means, with an analog servo you will get a bouncy twitchy response.

A digital servo "smooths" the pulses and uses a bit of prediction to determine where the servo is supposed to be. It really just continues to hold the last position until a new pulse width is returned.

You can read about servos on our tutoral section by clicking here


@ DJ I ment that you can only select the 20 Digital I/O ports in ARC for controlling a servo. And not the 8 analog ports.

I'm sort of replying to: "I ask because there are way more digital ports than analog ports."


bud and sures, thanks.

and mr sures, i read all your posts, just making sure i dont buy a ton of the wrong servos...

local hobby people has a sale right now, foun a bunch of analog servos, micro and standard for 5 bucks, so im taking them.

thanks guys.


@dj thanks you explained it better :)