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Digital Servo Question


i got some new digtal servos

i plugged on servo to the EZB4 and i got a really silent "zrrrr" Sound.

On the servo is nothing attached (So no needed power to hold the position - still this sound!)

The guy from Hitech said, this digital "Brushless" Servos really dont make any Sounds.

And he asked which Frequenz i send to the Servo?

200 ms or 3 ms?

So my first question:

Where i can change the Frequenz for the Servos from analog (200ms) to digital (3ms)?

And second:

Has somebody knowlegde with this Servos and the EZB4?

Is the Battery to weak?

One Servos wants to have more then 2 Amp and the standard EZB4 Lipo has only 1,4 Amp.

This maybe is also the Problem?


Thanx for helping!


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I would start by giving it the amperage it needs. Try connecting it to a power supply with more than 2 amps and see if that helps.


Hi @rentaprinta

The ez-b lipo is rated for 1300mAh at 25C so the battery is theoretically capable of providing 32.5 Amps (not for extended periods though)

No, you cannot change the frequency of the servo signal, it is the 20mS standard.

What happens when you move the servo with the ez-b, does the sound stop once it has moved to position?


HI Jeremie,

If i move the servo with the EZB4, i will get the normal turning Sound and then after stoping, i will hear still this really silent "zrrr" sound.

@Bob. I check a stronger Power Supply ( comes in 2-3 days)

With 7,4 Volt 20 Amp